Has she bobbitised the society; a change for better

In India, a woman is raped every 15 minutes. Multiply that by 24×7, 365 days a year. And keep in mind the majority of rape cases still go unreported. The statistics on crime against women is even worse: Every 2 minutes, women in India is a victim of a crime. This ongoing issue with violence against women raises the real and serious question of whether India is truly ready for a seat at the global table.

Only hours had passed after the incident that shocked the entire state happened. A 23-year-old girl chopped off genitals of godman, who tried to rape her. ‘Courageous’ all said. It was definitely courageous, a courage Shari, Soumya, Jisha, Michelle, and Nirbhaya couldn’t show. In fact, what could have they done? They were raped, killed, or dead in a helpless condition, weren’t they?

The question is, are we finished, we all know the answer, no we are not, we won’t be. As long as the lady of the good council is blinded we will not. Because somewhere out there a ‘juvenile’ is still roaming about, who is not yet guilty of raping and pounding the iron rod into a women’s vagina, who wanted to teach her a ‘lesson’. Yes, girls should be taught always, taught to dress modestly, talk modestly, think modestly, or get married have children and live inside the so-called safe zone of those four walls and ‘Kill’ your dreams.

For too long, this epidemic of violence against women and girls has been ignored or treated as a secondary issue. Rape is worse than death for victims, this cannot simply be eradicated with any kind of development and education. Just because it cannot be eradicated doesn’t it deserves a proper judgment, a proper punishment?

All we have is a bunch of questions with no answers because rapists are individual viruses. When Shari was subjected to series gang rape, political parties were there to summon up the issue, because we know who got involved. Years later a juvenile got escaped because he was not even ‘18’ but he did rape a girl brutally. And now a god’s man, he will get another cell booked along with other and years later we will see the same smile we all saw in the face of Govinda chami and Santhosh Madhavan’ , Law will shave his beard, give him nice food, and get him released and later, he will rape another girl with better plans. What else we can expect.

Why law goes ineffective is because we have a law for everything, everyone and anything. If we have punishment for crime, we have a law to protect culprit’s right. Even if he is a terrorist or a rapist, every human deserves his/her right that is why there were always voices had risen for Kasab, and comments on why a girl shouldn’t bobbitised the godman. And from ages women deserves the right men allows. All we are unknown about is that how many times this human right commission had stood for a rape victim’s right. So the law has so far remained only for the law. Society will keep on commenting,

So when you educate your girl, educate her to empower, empower to raise voice against all those hands rise before her without her concern, teaching her when and where to react can bring her home safe. Don’t tell her to reach home early, don’t ask her to fear darkness, instead ask her to take care of herself and learn how to reach home safely no matter when. Make her realise her power. Let her fly and those wings upbeat all the forces that come against her. Because she is beauty and strength of world.


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