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How to deal with stinking wet shoes in rainy season

Today was not the first time your shoes have gotten wet. Sure, it may have been the first time they were drenched in such dirt your feet sweat about a cup in a day. You already had a bad day.

 It’s not actually your feet that stink. It’s the bacteria that like to hang out in damp places. If your shoes don’t get a chance to dry out between wearing, the bacteria in your shoes never have to pause their growth, reproduction, and waste production.

It’s simply the bacterial waste.

  • If the shoes have a removable insole, remove it.
  • That’s probably where the majority of your funk is hanging out. Replace them.
  • Allow the shoes to dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated area.
  • This is actually a good use case for Lysol, just be sure to let the shoes dry thoroughly before wearing again.
  • Allow the shoes to dry thoroughly.
  • You can give loosely crumple newspaper a try.
  • If the shoes are still funky, there’s one more effort to try.
  • Clean and condition any leather parts of the shoe.
  • Put the shoes in a paper sack and place the sack in the freezer for 72 hours.
  • Don’t crush the shoes while they are still cold, any leather may be brittle.
  • Allow them to come to room temperature before wearing.

With shoes, the key to odour control is prevention.

Always let shoes dry fully before wearing again. If your shoes do get wet, dry them as thoroughly as possible, as quickly as possible without exposing to excessive heat.


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