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OMG ! It’s raining frogs in London

From hurricanes to floods, Mother Nature releases its energy and makes people realize that there is very little that they can do. However, as natural hazards are common, people end up dealing with it, but dead frogs tumbling down from the sky is genuinely odd.

Scores of dead amphibians are falling from the sky in Wimbledon, South West London, from out of nowhere. This has left locals baffled as the dead frogs keep falling into their garden. They have no idea about where they are coming from.

Some of the residents in Wimbledon are speculating it to be an ‘Act of God’. A local resident, Mark Hopkins, said that he had been finding ‘three or four dead frogs’ every week for the past two months. 

“I don’t think it is cats as the cats would usually mutilate them. They don’t seem butchered,” Hopkins added.

“I had a look on Google and there was a disease three or four years ago that made them turn orange, but these frogs haven’t turned orange. Something has been making them croak it – for want of a better word,” he added.

The exact reason for the amphibian plague is not yet clear. However, another local resident said that they are possibly falling from heaven or trees.

“I have got a couple of ideas regarding where these hoppers keep coming from. I would like to think it is an act of God and all our first born sons are in for it soon, but to be honest, I reckon it is birds,” he claimed.

“They could be picking them up and flying to their nests, before pecking them to bits and dropping the remainder,” he added.

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