Significance of White Saree & Gold Jewellery during Onam !

Onam is the biggest and most exciting festival of Kerala. Onam lasts for a period of ten days. The event is known for featuring colours and rituals, flower carpets, elegant outfits, elaborate banquet and also the most famous boat races.

On one hand, women are known to wear the traditional attires – a special type of saree and, on the other hand, the men are spotted in dhotis. Onam is celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement in Kerala. People from other states in India and countries flock to be a part of this beautiful harvest festival.

Onam is celebrated during the month of August or September in accordance to the Malayalam calendar. Onam is celebrated to commemorate the return of the great demon King Mahabali as well as Lord Vishnu’s Vamana Avatar.

Importance Of White Saree

Kerala women wear white sarees that have gold threadings on them. These sarees are known as the Kasavu sarees. These Kasavu sarees are known to be Kerala’s traditional dress. These sarees are known as Mundum neriyathum.

In Malayalam, this saree is denoted as Thuni, which means cloth. The upper part of the saree is known as neriyathu. These sarees can be worn in a traditional style. Generally, the neriyathu is tucked inside the blouse, or it can also be taken over the woman’s left shoulder.

These sarees are referred to as Kasavu in Kerala and they are generally cream coloured and have a golden border. These sarees are considered to be the best form of the traditional sarees, which bring out the beauty of the women of Kerala.

The best part about these sarees is that the borders are soaked in a pure gold colour. Kerala Kasavu is known as the holiest saree of the women, most importantly during the festival of Onam.

Importance of Gold during Onam

Undoubtedly, Onam is the most important festival for the people of Kerala. The festival is considered to be holy and most of the people indulge in buying gold either for themselves or for their loved ones.

Gold is rooted into the state’s culture and is known to be the greatest sign of wealth. The people of Kerala believe that buying gold during Onam will bring happiness, luck, and prosperity to their lives.

The elders gift the children with gold coins, and the women generally adorn themselves with their gold jewellery. Gold is considered to be the sign of good luck and prosperity, and hence people buy gold particularly during this time of the year. 

Onam is celebrated with a lot of excitement and joy, but the people of Kerala make sure that all the rituals are followed during this festival. It is said that when King Mahabali ruled Kerala, there was not a single home that was unhappy, or in despair. Each and everyone lived a prosperous life.

Purchasing gold is also another of the ritual which denotes that the households are wealthy and prosperous. Gold is also used to pay a tribute to King Mahabali and Lord Vishnu. Onam is known all over the country for the joy that it brings.

The rituals of Onam are what attract the domestic and foreign tourists alike to the state of Kerala.



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