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Fastest car and Cheetah compete in a head-to-head race: Guess who wins the racing, See Video

In prior to the kickstart of Formula E series racing championship a racing car driver has taken on a cheetah in an extraordinary drag stunt. The fastest car takes on the fastest animal in the world and the car win by a whisker.

The 27-year-old Techeetah driver Jean-Eric Vergne challenged the world’s fastest land mammal in his all-electric Formula E car. Both the contestants were capable of reaching 60mph in as little as three seconds.


But in a tight race on a remote airstrip in Western Cape, South Africa, the electric car beat the animal by a matter of millimeters. The film was released last night to raise awareness of the threat of climate change to animals such as cheetahs ahead of next week’s UN Environment Assembly.

The new Formula E season begins on Saturday (Dec 2) in Hong Kong. With cheetahs under threat, the film was shot in conjunction with Animal Issues Matter, Cheetah Outreach and Endangered Wildlife Trust.


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