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The Magical Rice from Assam That Needs No Cooking!

Rice forms an integral part of almost every regional cuisine in India. You’ll be surprised to see the huge variety of rice because every state seems to have its own favorite staple rice. Be it the Basmati from North India or Red Rice from down South, rice lovers have a lot to rejoice about and experiment with.

Here’s another exciting variety of regional rice that you must try out.

Komal rice is a local variety of rice from the North Eastern state of Assam and it has some magical properties.

Unlike other types of rice that need to be boiled and cooked before consumption, Komal rice does away with all the hassle. Well, it sounds too good to be true, but Komal rice does not require any kind of cooking. All you have to do is simply soak it in some hot water and it will be ready to be used in just a few minutes.

This soft rice, also known as Komal Saul, is grown mainly in Majuli or Majoli, which is a river island in the Brahmaputra River in Assam. The Hindi word ‘Komal’ means soft. It is traditionally prepared by soaking it in hot water overnight and is then eaten with mustard oil and onions the next morning. It is popularly known as the magic rice of Assam. It is famous for its zero cooking characteristics and requires only the addition of warm water or sometimes even warm milk. It is often served in Assam during social and religious festivals mixed with banana powder and jaggery or potato mash and pickles.


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