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Enormous penis pops up in New York city

An artist can make crowd sad amaze happy etc.Here is an evidence that an artist makes the crowd laugh and amaze at the same time Meet the newest member of the Lower East Side street-art scene.

A towering painting depicting a shockingly life-like penis went up on the side of 303 Broome St. on Christmas Eve.

Swedish street artist Carolina Falkholt stood up and took credit on Instagram for the veiny behemoth — which lacks testicles but no doubt took cajones to paint — and said it’s really getting a rise out of folks.

“NO TIME 4 BALL$$ . . . I have never heard so much laughter and seen so many happy faces behind my back when painting as for today doing this wall on Broome Street,” the cocky artist wrote alongside a photo of the four-story masterpiece.

The work was apparently commissioned by art group The New Allen, run by Milan Kelez, who co-owns neighborhood Peruvian eatery Baby Brassa.

Falkholt and Kelez did not respond to calls for comment.

The building is owned by Sassan “Sami” Mahfar and his Long Island-based SMA Equities.

A woman who answered Mahfar’s phone Wednesday said he is out of town and that a call from The Post was the first she’d heard of the giant organ.

She speculated it was the work of vandals.

“Somebody probably on the street — there are artists on the Lower East Side that keep drawing on the walls. I’m gonna have somebody look into it,” said the woman, who refused to give her name.

The depiction was a flop to some. Local activist and District 1 Community Education Council member Naomi Pena said she was not pleased to have her young daughters subjected to the X-rated artwork.

“You may not have any children or may not live here to have to walk by and see this, [but] I certainly was not happy to have to explain to my 8-year-old twins what this was,” she fumed in an e-mail sent to The New Allen and copied to local officials, according to local blog The Lo-Down.

“It’s ugly,” said neighbor Qun Chen, 47, whose third-story apartment next door overlooks the painted pride. “There’s a lot of kids that live in this building and in the neighborhood — it’s not good for the kids, they’re little.”

But others weren’t so hard on it.

“It’s not offensive — it’s 2017,” said Felton Chen, 30, no relation to Qun. “It doesn’t bother me.”

An enterprising fitness trainer was even using it to pump up his business.

“Maybe they’re trying to bring consciousness, awareness,” said Conboy co-owner Sultan Malik, 36. “If you work out hard, your d— stays hard like that every day.”


The penetrating display is not Falkholt’s first foray into gigantic genitals — she sprayed a towering vulva onto a Swedish building in 2015, though the depiction was more abstract than the Lower East Side shvantz.


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