Enlightening Your Minds: All You Need To Know About Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple

Vadakkunnathan Temple or Vadakkumnathan Temple is one of the largest and ancient Shiva temples, situated in Thrissur district of Kerala. Also known as Thenkailasam and Vrishabhachalam, the temple stands majestically on an elevated hillock right in the centre of the city. Hindu traditions say that the temple was built by Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the legendary creator of Kerala. Thrissur pooram, which is celebrated here every year in the month of Medam (mid-April to mid-may), witness millions of devotees from all over the land. The temple and the Mural paintings are declared as a National Monument by the Union Government under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act.

Vadakkunnathan temple is surrounded by a massive stone wall enclosing an area of nearly 9 acres (36,000 m2). Inside this fortification, there are four gopurams each facing north, south, east and west directions. Apart from these four gopurams, there is a multi-shrined complex in the centre with three principal shrines dedicated to Shiva as Vadakkunnathan, Shankaranarayana, and Rama.

Thrissur town gets it name after this ancient Lord Shiva Temple. The real meaning of the name Thrissur is the ‘Town with the name of Lord Shiva’

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