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Divorced over shawarma; wife at parents’ home

We may have seen and heard a lot of divorce cases and their reasons. But have you heard of a divorce over a shawarma?

An Arab woman is divorcing her husband in a spat over a shawarma wrap.

According to an Arabic Egyptian news portal, an Egyptian woman is in the process of divorcing her husband because he refused to buy her a shawarma wrap on top of buying her juice. The report also reveals that the couple had been married for only forty days when an argument about her husband’s stinginess arose.

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“We had a traditional arranged marriage, I only knew him for two months before the wedding and never noticed how stingy he was,” the woman identified as Sameeha was quoted in the report. “During the first week of our marriage, he told me that he hates going out anywhere because that would be a waste of money,” she added.

During those forty days, the woman asked her husband to take her out somewhere as they haven’t gone anywhere as a married couple. It was during this outing that she asked him to buy her a shawarma. The husband then refused, claiming that he already bought her juice and ‘that’s it’. He also accused the woman of trying to ‘exploit his wealth’ by forcing him to buy a sandwich after getting her a beverage.

Sameeha reached her breaking point during this outing and finally decided to return to her family and immediately filed a case for divorce; it is now in the Egyptian court and is expected to wrap up in the coming weeks.


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