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This is what Jaya Bachan replies to Naresh Agarwal for his comment “ Naachnewaali Girl”

Words are the most powerful of all things. The way you use your words and comments can make or break a person.

Rajya Sabha MP and veteran actor Jaya Bachchan have said that she is “proud to be an actor and to belong to the film industry”.

BJP member Naresh Agarwal created a furor when he called Jaya Bachchan a “filmo mein dance karne wali (someone who dances in films)”.

Justifying his move to the BJP, Agarwal said that he was disappointed with the Samajwadi Party as the party gave a ticket to someone who “does roles in films” and compared him to someone who “dances” in films. 

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj took to Twitter and said that his comments on Bachchan were “improper and unacceptable”. 

Speaking exclusively to a national channel, Bachchan said, “I don’t have any comments on what others say. They are most welcome to (express) their opinion. I am very proud to be a film actor and I am thankful to my leaders- Mulayam Singh, Akhilesh ji, for giving me another opportunity… I thank them very much. That’s all I have to say and I do not want to say anything more.” 

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Distancing her party from Agarwal’s comments, Bachchan said, “He does not bring this sabhyata from SP. It is his personal reaction. As far as SP is concerned they have said that they want to give women the importance and that women must be represented properly and that is why our president, leaders have selected me.” “There have been many times when people have spoken not very well about women and I have always reacted to it.. That’s it,” she added. “It is a free country. Everybody is allowed to express the way they feel.” she adding, “I am very proud to be an actor and to belong to the film industry.” 

She thanked Sushma Swaraj for having stood by her side. 

Talking about Bachchan, the former SP strongman Agarwal had earlier on Monday said: “My ticket was denied and I was compared to someone who works in films and my ticket was given to someone who dances in films and does roles in films. (filmo mein kaam karne wali semeri haisiyat ki gayi, filmo mein dance kar de, apna role karde, woh logo ke naam par hamara ticket kata gaya). That is even more painful. My son Nitin who is an SP MLA is also joining BJP and will vote for BJP in Rajya Sabha. I would like to thank PM Modi and Amit Shah for showing faith in me.”

“Shri Naresh Agarwal has joined Bhartiya Janata Party. He is welcome. However, his comments regarding Jaya Bachhan ji are improper and unacceptable,” External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said in a tweet.

Will the recent BJP member Naresh Agarwal apologize for his jibe?


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