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A policy for digital news and broadcasting release soon: Smriti Irani

Information and broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani announced that her ministry will soon take off a policy for digital broadcasts and digital news in addition to existing policies governing broadcast and print media. “The real challenge for the government was to create a “proactive policy which upholds the right to free speech, but at the same time doesn’t give anyone the right to instigate a riot. That is where the balance has to be found “Irani responded.

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Referring to the allegations made by data firm Cambridge Analytica’s employee, that the company’s services are believed to have been hired by Congress, Irani said, “If you look at the Indian Penal Code, you’ll find certain sections talk about punishing people who try to create differences between classes, castes or communities, deliberately. But here, a political party wanted to analyze the castes of every voter to engineer a communicative strategy to instigate and influence. This is a deeper malaise.”

Irani said, “It was when my party was headed by a male president that reservation of women within BJP was introduced. Whereas, despite a woman (Sonia Gandhi) heading the other party (Congress), they couldn’t pass the women’s reservation bill.”

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