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Shiv Sena wants Belgaum to be declared as a Union Territory

In a recent development, the Shiv Sena has once again raised the problem of Belgaum by demanding the Centre to declare the area as a union territory. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut also threatened that the Sena may use violence if the Belgaum border dispute was not solved soon.

According to Raut, the Karnataka government has been inflicting great ‘injustice’ upon the people of Belgaum. “Whenever injustice is done to people in Belgaum and other border areas, its effect can be seen in all parts of Maharashtra. If the issue of Kashmir, Cauvery, Sutlej or Belgaum is not solved through democracy, then we should opt for violence,” he said.

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The Shiv Sena leader also added that Belgaum has a culture similar to that of Maharashtra. “Belgaum is Maharashtra’s history, where culture is similar in both the places. The court will decide on this Belgaum border area. Till then, we demand this border region be declared as a union territory,” he added.

Belgaum is the border area between Karnataka and Maharashtra which currently belongs to the former at present. It must be noted that the area was once part of the Bombay state due to the high Maratha population in the area.


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