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Commonwealth Games 2018 organizers have listed England as part of Africa

Commonwealth Games organizers have listed England as part of Africa in the official programme of Commonwealth game 2018.

The colorful edition lists the English capital as Banjul locates it in the Africa region and notes its population is more than 2 million.

After withdrawing from the Commonwealth in 2013, the African nation did not compete at the 2014 Glasgow Games. Change of prime minister in 2016 results the readmission of Gambia last month and the country has six athletes competing on the Gold Coast.

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“We already had everything ready to push the button to print (and) had to do a lot of fast footwork,” Organizing committee chief Mark Peters said, explaining on Wednesday that the error was noticed 10 days ago. “We went and spoke to England and said ‘Congratulations, the Commonwealth is changing and it has since Brexit. A part of you is now part of Africa.’

“They were emphatic that end of the day, they’re so pleased to be here and everything else that has been organized, they implored us not to do that,” Mr. Peters said. “We’re doing a special reprint of 500 to give to the English and the CGF to make sure that in terms of the records, that’s done correctly.”


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