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SHOCKING!!! Man bites his family for this reason

Have you ever bitten you sibling(s) in a quarrel? What was it about? Was the matter a silly one or a serious one?

 A man in Uttar Pradesh had to be hospitalized after his nose was bitten off allegedly by his brother over money. A resident of Ramlalpurva village in Kannauj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh,  Shrikant demanded money from his brother to buy alcohol. But when he was denied, it angered him and he allegedly gnawed off his elder brother’s nose.

The accused was reportedly drunk when he attacked his brother, their parents and an uncle at their home. He has been taken into custody, police said.

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According to the sub-inspector Jitendra Singh, the victim Sobran collapsed and suffered excruciating pain. Their father alleged that Shrikant also tried to bite off his arm after assaulting his brother.

“He bit me and my father. He also attacked our mother and uncle. My nose has been mutilated. He also bit into my hand and stomach,” said Sobran.

The police are waiting for the victim’s medical report after which a report will be filed, Mr. Singh said.

The accused, however, doesn’t remember anything and has blamed his family of fighting among themselves.


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