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Students’ high-heel walk protest against women’s violence

Various types of protests have come up against women’s violence- from #METOO to #TIMESUP. Many have held rallies, speeches, and marches as well.

So have these students; only this march is no catwalk.

In a bid to stop violence against women, male students of Rhodes State College in Lima city of Ohio state decided to walk on high heeled shoes.

This is the first time such an initiative has been undertaken.

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“We are very committed to changing the culture. We know the impact of violence in our community is staggering and that is all over. So we are making sure we are doing our part, we are doing our duty, to raise awareness about it, provide local resources and to educate on how to prevent and report,” an Ohio news website quoted Rhodes State College Coordinator of Student Engagement and Activities Nicole Buccall as saying.

The concept of men wearing heels came into being in 1599 when Persian general Shah Abbas dispatched a heel-wearing political assignment to Spain, Germany, and Russia.

Louis XIV was another man who made red heeled shoes a trend. After it became popular among the public, he altered the laws of France, permitting only court associates to wear them.

The last time high heels were in trade was in 1960s America when low heeled cowboy boots for men re-emerged.


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