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Cheating : These are the common lies boys tell in relationships

These are the common lies boys tell in relationships

We all lie; this is a fact. Granted some people take lying to another level and ruin the positive side of the little white lie for people around the world.

Besides that, it is clearly in a human being’s nature to lie; we do it to save ourselves from awkward and/or embarrassing situations, we do it to make someone feel better or worse.

As much as we do not like to admit it, lying can be both good and bad, it all depends on the situation you are in at the moment. People in relationships have found that lying has both helped and hindered their relationship; mostly helped as it ends up smoothing over a potential bad situation.

She is the one who’s interested in me
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You have every right to voice your concern when you spot him chatting with another girl all the time or catch him paying her special attention. On being caught off guard, boyfriends generally shield themselves by saying, “She made the first move because she really likes me and is interested in me. I am just being polite and trying to be a good friend.” Well, he might not actually be ‘friend-zoning’ that girl and there could a lot brewing between them behind your back.
You were busy
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So, whenever you are busy slogging in office, your boyfriend prefers to go out and catch up with his new female friend? You have often observed that he prefers hanging out with her than his regular friends. What is his excuse on being questioned? “I just wanted to spend some good time and you were busy. All my friends were occupied and she was the only one who was willing.” Well, is it even remotely possible that every time you are busy somewhere, she is the only person available for him to hang out with?
You are overthinking. Stop being so conservative!

This is one of the most common excuses men use to shift the blame on their girlfriends. “You are obsessing over this and blowing it out of proportion. She is just a friend. Stop being so conservative, please!” Remember, being open-minded does not mean letting your partner stray around!

We just met for a cup of coffee

It is not about where you meet or for how many hours you meet your new friend. It is neither about hanging out with someone from the opposite sex. It is about what intentions you have and how honest you are with your partner. The next time your boyfriend (whom you suspect is cheating on you) gives you this ‘coffee’ excuse, you know what you need to say.

I am not having sex with her, relax!
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Having sex outside a relationship is not the only thing that qualifies as cheating. If your partner has the nerve to chat (or rather flirt) with her all the time, meet her every second day for no reason and most importantly, lie to you—tell him that infidelity is not merely limited to physical relationship with a third person. 

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