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“The majestic waterfalls” you should explore once in a lifetime: Jog Falls

Jog Falls Tourism

The second-highest plunge waterfall of India, these magnificent falls are a major tourist attraction in Karnataka, the spellbinding view of which creates a truly memorable experience. Also known as “The majestic waterfalls”. 

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Located on the border of Shimoga and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka, Jog waterfalls is the highest waterfall In the state and is regularly mistaken as the highest waterfalls of India. Also known as Gerosappa Falls or the Joga Falls, these falls are one of the most important attractions in all of South India. Second, only to the Nohkalikai Falls of Meghalaya, Jog falls drops about a huge 253 m (850 ft. ) in a single fall. However, due to the construction of Linganamakki Dam, the flow in the falls is hugely restricted before monsoons.

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With a total drop height of 253 m, Jog Falls is the 2nd highest waterfall in India and probably one of the most majestic, around the globe.

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A faint cover of clouds, given an unforgiving gush of water and an occasional hint of the rainbow, making it almost essential to visit the Jog falls, while you are in the state. Its name is derived from the Kannada word Jog which means falls. Jog falls is a perfect monsoon getaway for people in South and Western India as reaching here is pretty easy from Mangalore, Hubli, Bangalore and Goa. A Laser Light Show and Musical Karanji show is also held at the falls, every day between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM.


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