Half Moon beach – a place in paradise from where you can gaze the horizon

About 20 minutes away from Om Beach is this love of the solitude seekers. Half Moon beach is in the shape of a half-moon and hence gets its name. It is secluded from the activities of the town and is also free from the commercialization. A beach is a place in paradise from where you can gaze the horizon for hours and hours and will fall in love with it while enjoying every minute of the same. The clear water of the Arabian Sea and captivating sights of the horizon can leave anyone awestruck. Also, the place has a minimum crowd and is ideal for getting lost in your own company.

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The third beach on the Gokarna town coastline is the Half Moon beach. This beach is not connected by road and hence can only be accessed by hiking or by the motorboats that ply from Om beach.

To hike to Half Moon beach, one should walk towards the southern end of Om beach and walk up a narrow trail that leads to Dolphin cafe. This cafe has a very beautiful location overseeing the entire cost of Om beach. Just outside the cafe, there is a white signboard indicating the direction towards Half Moon beach. After about a few minutes into the hike, one will encounter a fork in the hiking trail.

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At this point take a right which will take one around the coast. The left trail will take one through the forest and into thorny bushes but will also lead to Half Moon beach. The hiking path along the coast is narrow and to the left of the trail are the hills and the right the deep blue sea and watch your step while hiking along this narrow trail.

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After hiking around the first hill, one will again encounter a fork in the trail. This time take the left trail that leads to the forest since the other trail has a very steep slope and a sight misbalance can result in disaster. After about, a five-minute walk through the forest one will again have to walk around the hill.

The view of the sea coast from the hill is just breathtaking. This walk around the hill the second time around takes about four to five minutes to reach Half Moon beach.


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