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Five benefits of drinking water empty stomach.

Isn’t it nice when the cheapest thing offers the biggest benefits ? Water, is available for most people on the planet, or at least i hope so, but then we drink it only when we are thirsty or after a meal. But you know whats the best time to drink water ? When you have empty stomach. So keep that bottle of water next to your bed and when you wake up tomorrow make sure the first thing you do is to take a sip out of it. Here are five benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach.

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It expels Toxins from the Body

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WHen you take a pee, you actually expel toxins in liquid form. The more you pee, the more the toxins are removed and drinking more water increases the rate of your peeing. It is a simple equation, so start drinking more water from today

Flushes your bowels

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Yes, drinking water on an empty stomach can build the urge to move bowels. It regulates your digestive tract. So if you are having issues with your morning bowel movements, let me remind you that the solution is as simple as drinking water!

Increases energy

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If you are feeling lethargic, you have all the more reason to start your day with a glass of water. It regulates your red blood cells to grow faster and more red blood cells equates with more oxygen in your blood that finally transpires in to greater energy

Improves your skin radiance

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It is dehydration that causes deep pores and premature wrinkles on your skin. So drinking water will increase the blood flow in the skin and will make it glow. Also this is the secret that a model/actress will not tell you .

Prevents heartburn and indigestion

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Indigestion is a result of the increased acidity in the stomach. When acid refluxes in to oesophagus, the sensation of heartburn is felt. When you drink ample water the acid is pushed down and gets diluted. Also it keeps your body in a good position to take your breakfast.


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