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OMG! Google Assistant is making an actual Phone Call ! You cannot miss this Video.

Hours after google made people go ‘wow’ with its new features on Android P, Google has made us all absolutely stunned with its latest Artificial Intelligence tech – Duplex. At I/O 2018, Google displayed its new capability of Google Assistant – placing phone calls on your behalf. The assistant placed an appointment for a haircut to a salon and then tried to book seats in a restaurant. The voice of google assistant couldn’t have been more natural and it even rendered the ‘”mmm hmmm” perfectly. By comparison, the lady at the salon sounded a bit more robotic! Sundar Pichai reiterated that the call wasn’t staged.

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The second call made to book seats in the restaurant didn’t go as planned, but the AI adjusted well. The voice from the restaurant said that there is no need for reservation under 5 people and the Duplex did well. Once again the pitch, tone and everything about the voice seemed so ‘human-like’. So doe this mean the future is already here? Not yet. Sundar Pichai said that the technology is very much under development and Google is planning on some early tests this summer to make restaurant reservations, hair salon appointments and holidays over phone.

The feature if it is someday made available to us will surely save a lot of time for people with busy schedule. The AI can do tasks without human involvement but if the situation throws too much to handle, it will call for human help. Pichai said that the technology is a result of years of research. We can all expect it to be made available to us in our phones at the earliest.


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