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Digital Bhagavad Gita in vogue thanks to IIT Kanpur

All cultural enthusiasts interested in filling their hearts with nectar from the Gita and to have a broader outlook towards the world and the life, welcome to Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)Kanpur has become the premier engineering college in the country to start a unique process of digitization of Hindu holi books. As of now, the page contains Srimad Bhagavadgita, Ramacharithamanas, Brahmasutra, Shriram Mangal Dasji, Upanishads, Vedanta concept map, other Gitas, Valmiki Ramayan, Yogasutra, Bhanubhaktha’s Ramayana(Nepali Site link), and Narada Bhakti sutra concept map. The initiative is available in both audio and text form.

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The experts from Philosophy in the Banaras Hindu University have done the audio translation of Bhagavad Gita into English and the Sanskrit translation has been done by Swami Brahmanand. The Ramcharithmanas in Awadh language is translated by IIT Guwahati’s faculty member Dev Anand Pathak.

This commendable and strenuous work by a prestigious organization in this country has been given less exposure.The Gita which is considered as the salvation to humanity, admired by the whole world and taught in many western countries receiving such cold reception in its birthland is a thing to ponder upon. So nobody should be averse in congratulating the arduous strain that the professors and students have taken in providing the eternal knowledge to the new generation.


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