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Terror of Flies

Whats your opinion about a tiny fly which naively flies about you just giving a touch on your body, a kiss on your Cuppa, a lick on your cake? If you say, “oh, come on! Leave that poor creature alone”, its time to rethink. The fly which touched your body tasted your coffee and cake may have tasted pooh, garbage, carcass etc. Simply delicious, right? It’s not a joke but a very serious fact that we have to address.

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House flies can’t chew so they first spit up enzymes onto the food for dissolving it in small amounts. Then they slurp up this liquefied food through their trunk like Proboscis. Wow, but wait, this isn’t the real process through which flies spread bacteria and viruses. These unsuspected villains have tiny hairs that bacteria stick to. So just imagine the fly which just landed on your cake had slurped up from a rotten carcass, there is good chance that the bacteria from the dead animal could be transferred to your cake. Very healthy indeed!

A fly only needs to be on the food for a second before it spreads germs. Through this ‘benevolent’ process they donate Cholera, Dysentery and Typhoid. Though there are arguments that the fly will not be able to carry enough amount of bacteria to make one sick, it’s you who decide your wellness. So watch out for flies before you dig in.


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