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Ultimate Lazy bug’s guide: How you can reduce weight by just sleeping !

Being fat is not something you should be ashamed of. But if you are looking to reduce your weight an you thought it came only from doing long and hard exercises, you are wrong. You can just sleep and reduce weight. It doesn’t come easier than this. 

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Eat protein shake before heading to bed

protein shake
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Does that sound a little strange ? Because we often hear hard gainers talking about protein shakes to build up muscles. Here is how it works. Protein boosts your metabolic rates. Increase in metabolism means burning more calories which will eventually transpire in to weight loss. However you have to make sure that this routine doesn’t get in to the way of the restrictions you have put on yourself for calories you can consume in a day.

Consistent bedtime

bed time
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A study led by BYU Professor Bruce Bailey has found that consistent bedtime and wake time quakes with lower body fat. An American Journal of clinical nutrition has found that well rested people burn twenty person more fat than the ones who are not rested. So just do yourself a favour, sleep and wake at a regular time. It’s not really hard, is it ?

Turn off your Mobile phones

 sleeping with mobile
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Mobile phones have replaced a number of gadgets and one of the cheaper toys to lose its job was alarm clock. So even if you are not in the habit of browsing your phones just before your sleep, you still have your phone next to you at least for the alarms. If you are doing so, lemme ring the alarm of danger for you. A study has recently found that a short wave blue light emitted by smartphones and similar gadgets prohibits the production of Melatonin which is your body’s sleep inducing hormone. We already mentioned how a good night sleep is paramount to help you lose weight so you don’t want to mess with your melatonin.

Don’t Watch TV before you go to bed

watching TV
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A favourite hobby of many to help themselves to sleep. But it again disrupts your sleep pattern. A study found that the artificial light emitted from TV disrupts your biological clock and is responsible for affecting the brown fat cells which burns calories. You know how burning calories is the mantra to losing weight. Also depending on what you are watching on tv, it will send you in to different moods. A ghost movie might completely deprive you of sleep !

Sleep naked

sleep naked
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If you are thinking that sleeping naked assisting in losing weight is all about the peace that you feel for saving money with your night dress, well that is not the case. Have you noticed that sometimes when you wake up and you look in the mirror you look skinnier ? It is because metabolism is occurring at a faster rate when you sleep and sleeping naked helps you shred fat faster. There is a link between cool nighttime temperature and the rate of metabolism. People who slept in cooler conditions produce more healthy fat than the ones who sleep in warm conditions. This healthy fat will help you generate more body heat. The more amount of such body heat you have, you will be warmer and you will be burning more fat. So when you sleep without dress your body will be cooler and subsequently all the good fat things I just mentioned will happen to you. The bonus of this routine is that it also helps you get rid of your belly fat, this is because a goodnight sleep ensures production of more cortisol. The more cortisol you have , you the more energetic you will when you wake up the next day. With less energy you wake up with a bigger appetite and this will lead you to heavier intake of food. You know what that means.


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