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4 Hopeful Inventions in 2018

Many inventions are happening over the world, but among those, there are some inventions which create a hope in the minds of common people and our planet. Let’s Check out those.

1.White Roads

Commonly used Black Asphalt roads generate much heat and make the planet hotter
.These roads trap heat from the sun and make the environment rise from hotter to the hottest. So the cities in America are painting their roads white. Apart from making the pavement  lighter, it also reflects sun’s heat without absorbing it. The white roads have been nicknamed ‘Cool Pavement’.On exposure to the similar conditions of heat, regular black asphalt showed 116 degrees while the cool pavement 98 degress! That’s a difference, isn’t it? The American city of Los Angeles has made 35% of its streets Cool Pavements. Its the coolest option available in the economic sense too, as it saves roughly $100 million in energy costs!

Cool Pavement in Los Angeles, America

2.Mr.Trash Wheel
It’s a unique boat which has been successfully used in the American city of Baltimore’s harbour where it has removed over 1 million pounds of trash! The trash includes 300 million  plastic bags, 500,000 styrofoam containers, and even a big beer keg. The best part about this trash buster is that it runs on 100% renewable energy. It runs on the power from the water, while lifting the debris from the harbour and loading it in a dumpster to be incinerated. Further power is generated from the incineration process and its used by homes in Maryland.

Trash Wheel boat in Baltimore Harbour

3.The Floating Vacuum

Its a sea bin that sucks up floating trash in the water then traps the debris inside and pumps out the water back to the ocean. The size of the rubbish doesn’t matter as it picks up all. Adding to that it also catches oils and pollutants and is totally safe for fish.

Floating Vacuum, the sea bin

4.The Massive Air Filter

In Switzerland, there lies the world’s first commercial carbon removal plant. It pulls carbon dioxide from the sky and sends it next door to a greenhouse to boost crop growth. The carbon dioxide which will be produced by 2 million miles of driving can be absorbed by this massive air filter. The carbon trapped by the machine is further used to make products like beverages, concrete, and plastic.

The Massive Air Filter in Switzerland

So what we need now is this these kind of inventions which will provide a sustainable future for us and a long life to our planet.


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