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14 hours of marathon sex and they are dying !

Australia has a new endangered species. It’s two species of marsupials and scientists from Queensland University of technology said biologists are working hard to save the species from extinction.The black tailed dusky Antechinus and the silver headed Antechinus are famous for their suicidal mating habits.

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“They are very frantic and try and get from one mate to another and the mating itself can last hours, so it’s very tiring,” said Andrew Baker, mammalogist at the University.

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“Males go from absolutely prime health to falling to pieces before your very eyes within the annual frenzied fortnight of mating at the end of the winter” he said.

Along With other challenges like climate change, habitat loss and feral pests, sex sessions that goes up to 14 hours are literally killing them. These animals try to get females and fight off many other males and end up producing fatal levels of testosterone. This excess testosterone stops a stress hormone from switching off and affects their organs.

“I’ve seen them stumbling around during the day – they are nocturnal mostly – still looking for mates, bleeding from various parts of their body and their hair has fallen out.”

Already their numbers have shrinked to Less than 250 from females and males.


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