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Dengue test kit designed like pregnancy tests kit

How fast can dengue be detected? As much time as it takes for a pregnancy test kit to give the results.

Uttar Pradesh-based Kanpur Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kanpur) has prepared a test kit for dengue testing and can be easily accessed by anyone.

If the doctors are to be believed then the kit will reach the market by next year with a price tag of Rs. 100. Doctors claim that anyone sitting at home will be able to find out if their blood contains dengue viruses or not. Dengue viruses can be detected at the right time and will help in preventing the deaths of patients. 

The test kit is a joint venture of the IIT-Kanpur and Cardiology Institute located in Lucknow. The kit will help confirm the presence of dengue within 10 minutes with just a single drop of one’s blood. According to Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya, professor of IIT-Kanpur, this test kit like pregnancy test card will be detected in the first three days of dengue. 

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Vinay Krishna, director of the Institute of Heart Disease, said, “If any patient has dengue virus in its body, its specific symptoms do not arise for the first three days, but due to sudden plasma leakages, platelet count starts to accelerate in the next three days. is. After submitting the inquiry into the reporting lab, waiting for the report leaves for about a week.

He said that due to this suspicion there is a possibility of a major mistake in the treatment of patients admitted to hospitals. 

According to Vinay Krishna, a test card has been prepared with paper microfluidic technology in IIT-Kanpur after hard work of last one year to deal with it. In the Institute, test samples with serum with NS-1 protein were tested. This experiment was completely successful. Right now its clinical trial will begin. After this, the card will be available in the market within the next one year. 

According to professor Shantanu, this card based on nanotechnology has disintegrated the very small particles of gold between the thin layers of graphite oxide. For this reason, this technique will be able to deliver the right results. 

He told that on being dengue it can be identified with simple eyes If the test card shows a red line it means you have dengue.


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