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No action against FB pages promoting Pedophilia in Kerala

Jaljith Thottoli is a social media activist in Thiruvananthapuram who conducted a sting operation to expose a Telegram group which promoted pedophilia. He informed the media about it and they showed the world how sick was the mindset of so-called educated people. After this exposition, his next search was for FB pages which supported or promoted pedophilia. He found some and reported about an extremely dangerous page to the Police on May 18. But the Police didn’t even bother to send an acknowledgment mail. As per the stringent sections of POCSO and other laws, a complaint on child abuse or pedophilia should be given prime importance. But the Kerala Police, it seems that not aware of the rules. In the recent Edappal Child Abuse case too, the Police tried to stand with the convict Moidheen Kutty to serve their political bosses.

Jilgith Thottoli, the social media activist who exposed the Telegram group run by pedophiles

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The Deccan Chronicle reported that Jaljith Thottoli had accused this instance as yet another example of police ignoring child abuse complaints. He said,”They have not even sent an acknowledgment about the mail, which should have been given top priority. It is distressing that the police are ignoring cases of child abuse”.However, the Cyber Police sources informed Deccan Chronicle sources that they had not received any mail from the activist. Their version is that “The last mail we received from him was on November 28, 2017. We have not received any other mail”.But this police claim was proved wrong in the DC investigation as they had got the mail too and in the recipient list there was Cyber Police address.

Cyber Dome Operations officer SP Prakash told the paper that they did not directly investigate such cases and normally they forward it to the nodal officer of the cyber cell. The investgation was then pursued by the cell in the area from which the complaint had been filed by the petitioner, he said. But the coommon people of Kerala know well how this same cyber dome acted in a jiffy when some political comments were posted against the CM, or when the CM had been criticized by the people. The same CyberDome which spoke about the institutional hurdles then had acted very swiftly. But the same vigour and swift are not seen in taking up commonpeople’s complaints especially in childabuse cases. The very cyber dome once got a youth arrested for posting a comment against the publicity savvy actress parvathy. This very cyber dome is not sure or ignorant about the childabuse cases filed or intimated via mail.

Anyway, the declaration by the Nodal Officer of the Cyber cell, IG Manoj Abraham’s view makes everything clear as crystal. He told Deccan Chronicle that his cell received hundreds of emails each day and it would be difficult to respond to each.



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