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These Pictures Couldn’t Have Been Clicked at a Better Time

Do you think these Pictures could have been taken at an even better moment ? I don’t think so. These are just mind blowing clicks

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Legs open?

legs open
third party image reference

You think the girl sitting on extreme left is having her legs wide open? Well she isn’t. She has her legs crossed and so does the lady next to her. But both of them are wearing a black dress and that’s creating this illusion.

Hello is that me?

BIrd on book
third party image reference

A man is going through an encyclopaedia and looked like the bird found that he is reading about the bird itself. The bird soon takes a seat on the page to probably understand what Science says about her.

Sharp Eyes?

third party image reference

You think it’s someone’s eyes having a bit of soap foam around it ? Its not an eye at all. Its a wash basin in a whirlpool. the foam moves away from the hole creating the shape of a human ayes with the hole serving as the pupil of the eye. This is really a lively picture.

Oh I landed on the Moon ?

landed on moon
third party image reference

Its self explanatory but its awesome. The man is parachuting down the sky but the exact moment of the click makes it looks like he is landing on the moon.

Can You Find Me?

landed on moon
third party image reference

A lot of people look at this picture and think it is the cat hiding behind the picture, yes there is a cat behind the portrait but what you are seeing there is the portrait of the cat and the tail of the real cat. The positioning is too perfect that it seems like the tail is an extension of the cat in the portrait.



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