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Senior IAS officer accused of sexual harassment by a junior woman officer in Haryana;puts an FB post

In Haryana, a 28-year-old woman IAS officer accused her senior of sexually harassing her for writing “adverse comments on official sites”.

She alleged through an FB post that her senior had called her to his office on May 31 and when she reached there, the officer told his staff to not let anybody into his office. The woman officer further wrote that the male IAS officer questioned her markings of wrong things done by the department in the files.

Anyhow the male senior IAS has denied the allegations and he said that he told her only to not find faults with the files which he had got all necessary clearances from the officials.

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The woman IAS officer alleged that her senior officer threatened to spoil the Annual Confidential Report if she did not stop writing negative comments on official files. She wrote on Facebook that the senior officer asked her whether she wanted to do departmental work or “time pass work”.He told her that like a ‘new bride’ she had to be explained everything and that he was explaining to her in the same manner. The woman felt the officer’s behavior to be “immoral”.

She also alleged that on June 6, the senior officer had called her to his office at 5 PM and asked her to stay there until 7 PM. Another senior woman officer gave her verbal orders to not enter anything as a complaint, she alleged. The woman IAS officer after finding out that her police security had been withdrawn, she had sent an email to the office of the President seeking action.

The Senior IAS officer rubbished all the allegations by the woman officer as “false and baseless”.He told PTI that he had only tried to help her after anti departmental posts made by her against his department.

He said that they(the staff) tried to provide all the facilities to her including an office room. According to him the woman IAS officer had been very well looked after by his staff.

“I have always tried to ensure that someone was present in my office while she was there. I don’t think that she was alone in my office, barring for a few minutes on a couple of occasions,” he claimed.

He alleged the woman officer of finding faults with every file he wrote which had been already created by others.

“I advised her, thinking that she was a young officer. I tried to teach her. I asked her to stop writing adverse comments on every file she takes up and told her that in some other department people may spoil her ACR,” he said.



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