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Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s exclusive offer to the people of Iran

Israel is a country with cutting-edge technologies in software, communications, and life science and also ranks 10th in the Bloomberg Innovation Index. From the country which stands 1st in the world devoting a major part of its GDP towards research and development, now an exclusive offer has been delivered to the people of Iran. Israel Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu, in a video released on the Israel Defense Forces official site, is seen offering the know-how of their unique agricultural techniques including the drip irrigation system to the people of Iran. Netanyahu sympathizes with the people of Iran who have been torn apart by the unstable government and the terrorist activities in the country. Benchamin offers a treasure, a treasure of future, water to the people of Iran by Israel’s technology through which they have made possible recycling of 90% of wastewater.

Netanyahu announces through this video, creation of a website in Farsi, which is dedicated to the projects related to water resources management, water conservation and other issues such as irrigation, exclusively for the Iranian people to learn and utilize. He says that as the government and the people in Iran are inimical to the Isreali people, he cannot send his team there to help him, that’s why he tries to help through a website.

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