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Importance Of Water During Pregnancy And How Much You Should Drink?

Water is a necessity to lead a healthy life. It is a must to consume eight glasses of water regularly to stay fit and healthy. During pregnancy, your regular diet changes so do the intake of your daily water.

How Much Should You Drink?

It is 10 to 12 glasses a day. It is so because now you are harbouring two bodies in one and therefore the increase in the water intake.

Benefits Of Water During Pregnancy:

Delivery Of The Goods:

The healthy growth of your little angel depends on the nutrients and minerals that you regularly consume. These essential simplified foods cannot travel on their own to feed your baby! Thus, you need a medium for the transport. Hence water, the lifesaver, is important!

Helps In Taking Out The Trash:

When you are pregnant, you not only eat for two persons but also excrete for two thus it is important for you to make sure that you are excreting well.

Pregnancy is the time when you will have to run to the bathroom a lot so it is crucial that you excrete well too.

The fact that many pregnant women also go through constipation during this time will also be prevented if you drank enough water for both.

Water Helps You To Be At Ease:

Unless you are living in a room with a subarctic temperature, you will notice that your body heat has gone up after your pregnancy. Drinking water helps to keep your body’s temperature under control.

Hydrating yourself to the optimum level every day helps maintain a cooler body temperature.

Improves Your Skin:

Whenever you had a skin trouble, you were always advised to drink more water.

To be honest, they were right in a way. Water helps in keeping the skin well hydrated and feeling fresh. If you drink enough water during pregnancy then your skin will become soft and supple and it will feel very close to your baby’s skin.

Prevents Puffiness:
Sometimes pregnancy leads to oedema or swelling in certain places of the body.

Drinking ample amount of water can actually help in the prevention of the swelling to occur. It also helps you from having a bloated tummy or body!

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