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These are the important things to do a bath after sex

Here are some important things to do a bath after sex

Sex is not as fancy as it looks in movies. It’s messy, bodily juices are exchanged and certainly, the climax is not as pretty as you may have imagined. While there are plenty of theories about what you should do after sex, bathing is one of them. Bathing may make you feel clean and relaxed post love-making, but as per science, it needs to be done a certain way or not at all.


Don’t use soap


According to experts, post-sex, your genital area is swollen and has been rubbed against each other, making it super sensitive for the application of soap. Soap contains many chemicals which can cause severe irritation and hence, should be avoided at all costs to clean yourself up. If you really wish to take a bath, opt for plain water and nothing else.


Don’t opt for a hot bath:

Don’t opt for a hot bath

 After sex, a hot bath may seem like the ultimate choice. Since sex can make you feel happy, calm and relaxed, a hot bath seems like the perfect way to end it right? Not as per science. Turns out, a woman’s vulva swells due to sexual stimulation which can lead to the opening of the vagina. Once this happens, the lady part is prone to infection. Hence, a hot bath can make a vagina vulnerable to infection from her partner’s skin.


?What else can you do


Keeping either a towel or paper roll is a good option to clean yourself up post a session of love making. It is better for genital health and also gives time for it to come back to its normal size or shape. However, do not keep wet tissues for the same as they contain fragrant chemicals which can cause possible skin irritation.


Remember to pee


The best way to avoid any bacteria entering your system is by peeing right after sex. There is no alternative to this and peeing is your safest bet if you wish to stay astray from infections.


?Practice safe sex


In an effort to keep yourself safe, wear a condom or use any other form of contraceptive. Unsafe sex can lead to life-threatening STDs.


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