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All You Need To Know About Brihadeshwara Temple

Brihadeshwara Temple is a fascinating temple declared as the ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO. Its praiseworthy architecture is a great testimony to the creativity of human mind. The foundation of the temple was laid by the Raja Chola in the 10th century. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple houses the Shiv Lingam beautifully carved out of a single rock. The towering Gopuram(200 ft) and the top cupola(weighs 81 tons) are the notable features of the temple. One interesting fact about the temple is that it never casts a shadow in the afternoon. One impressive feature of the temple is its walls decorated with 108 dance poses of Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer.

The Palace

It is an arresting palace whose history dates back to 1550 AD. The palace complex houses several beautiful buildings. There is a museum in the temple, which showcases a rich collection of manuscripts, weapons, dresses, utensils and musical instruments. These belong to the Royal family of Tanjore.

How To Reach
Air: The nearest airport is at Trichy, which is 65 km from Tanjavur.

Rail: Tanjavor is well connected with the main cities(Trichy, Chennai, Madurai and Nagore) of Tamil Nadu by rail.

Road: Tanjavor is easily accessible from all the major cities in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

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