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LDF Minister exhorts to wipe out Campus Front

Minister in the ruling LDF front came strongly against the Campus Front.Dr.T.M.Thomas Isaac, Finance Minister of Kerala stated that it was with the sole aim of spreading terror in Kerala in the ISIS model that an SFI worker had been hacked to death by the Campus Front workers at Maharajas College in Ernakulam. The group had been sowing terror inside and outside the campus with the help of the well-trained hardcore criminals and they had killed simply a student who was the poorest of the poor.

The Minister made it clear that no help from the ISIS killers was needed for protecting the minority interests in Kerala.

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Abhimanyu was the 33rd martyr of SFI in the Maharajas campus, said the Minister and he also stated that nobody could point out a murder in Kerala where SFI was the culprit. Still, everybody liked to make generalized statements about campus assaults, said Thomas Isaac. The Minister exhorted to wipe out Campus Front from the campus politically.


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