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Cigarette Explodes in Pocket, Almost Burned his Private Parts. Here is How it happened

Do you have the habit of keeping electronic cigarettes in your pocket? Well, you might think twice about it after you see what happened to Jason Curmi who was left with burns along his right thigh after his e-cigarette battery pack exploded in his pocket. The burn almost brushed his private parts, luckily stood inches away from it.

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He was left with burns spread up his right thigh which was so severe doctors thought he might need a skin graft. Jason, 46, switched to vaping after quitting smoking three months ago, opting for an e-cigarette to try and curb his cravings.

e cigarette explosion

But when he got into work one day, he felt a warm sensation in his trouser pocket before the device exploded just seconds later. His colleagues helped him put the blaze out, but his jeans and boxer shorts were left in tatters.

e cigarette battery

He said: “It was also only two inches from my privates and if I’d been wearing different clothing, it could have blown them to bits. The whole thing scared the crap out of me.I lost a lot of skin – they were borderline second to third-degree burns, but I just escaped having skin grafts.

“It was just like a loud explosion, lots of fire coming out of my trousers and the room, which was quite large as it was a conference room, was covered in soot. It smelled very toxic. I had my vaping device on my desk. I carry a battery in my pocket as I’m out all day so I bring a spare one just in case”.

“I felt a very slight warmth, like you would with a mobile phone, but thought nothing of it and it’s obviously exploded. It’s shredded my jeans and my boxers. It’s a miracle it didn’t do more damage, to be honest.

“It could have set me on fire.”

Jason, who works as a recovery practitioner, helping people to come off drugs and alcohol, was on a training day for his employer when the blast occurred.

So switching to e-cigarette from regular ones may have a lot of advantages like in saving others from the perils of being a passive smoker, but it has some pitfalls like this.


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