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If your boyfriend does any of these things, It’s time to reconsider your relationship

Here are  few things a girl should be careful of if her boyfriend asks her to do repeatedly.

Why don’t you want to have sex when you are in love with me?

When you are in love with a man it does not imply that you should have sex with him. Strangely, it’s not an uncommon situation where a man might persuade his girlfriend to have sex with him. This is not about consent because even if you say no, the person may tease you for being a prude and ultimately you might reconsider your decision of not having a physical relationship with him. Ladies, be careful if your boyfriend insists on having sex repeatedly after you show your disinterest in lovemaking.

I am your family now and you don’t have to worry about others

Remember, no one can replace your family or parents—not even your boyfriend or your husband. Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend coaxes you ever so slightly to prioritise him over your family or friends. Every relationship has its own space in a person’s life and you should learn to balance it accordingly. If the man you are in love with makes it impossible to stay connected with others, you need to think twice before being in a committed.

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You should share your passwords with me because lovers don’t keep secrets

True, lovers don’t keep secrets but passwords aren’t a part of shareable secrets. It’s called privacy and every individual has the right to keep a few things private, which includes their phone or email passwords, bank details etc. Being in love does not mean you cannot enjoy your privacy and if someone forces you to give that up, you need to reconsider your decision of being with that person.

Oh! You need to change a little to become a better person

Are you constantly under the pressure to change—be it your habits or that way you dress—because your boyfriend very politely asks you to do so? If a person is in love with you, he would accept you the way you are. He would ask you to change only if a habit or lifestyle is bad for you. For example, if he asks you to quit smoking, it’s a good thing. But if he tells you to lose weight not out of his concern for your health but because he likes slim girls, 

Your money is my money and mine is yours

‘What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine’ does not always hold true in love. We agree that sharing—be it responsibilities or money—plays an important role in all relationships. But this does not mean you must always entertain your boyfriend’s demands to pay the bills when you go out or lend him money. If you find him constantly doing that you should raise your concern and emphasize the importance of sharing and mention that 

Please don’t keep pressurizing me for marriage

saudi girl and driver love

If you have been in a relationship for long enough to take it to the next level but your boyfriend still hesitates to step forward, take this as something to worry about. When you pop the question, a lot can be understood from the way he reacts or replies. In case, he wants more time again and again although it’s been years, understand that something is bothering him—it might be commitment phobia, indecisiveness or lack of seriousness. Evaluate the situation carefully and take a decision.


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