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(Video)This is a 3 Lakhs Worth Robot and its Meant For Clapping! Know Why its Made

Of all the different reasons why a robot is being made, this will definitely not crack your mind. The Big Clapper robot is meant for clapping.

The pitch for Big Clapper, a $4,500 robot that’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter, is simple. Do you feel underappreciated in life? Would you like a little more support? How about some applause for all that amazing work you do? Fantastic. You should definitely buy this tomato-faced robot to clap and cheer you on for the rest of your life. Watch the robot here:

courtesy: AFP news Agency

This robot seems primarily designed for retail stores and businesses as a way to attract attention and generally freak out and / or delight passersby. Think of it as a cousin of those wacky waving inflatable tube arm things, but smaller, louder, and much, much weirder.

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So are you gonna invest that kind of an amount in to a device that will cheer you up? Do let us know in the comments


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