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These are the best Android browsers with powerful gesture support

The web is at our fingertips everywhere thanks to mobile browsing, but surfing the internet on mobile is still inefficient. Two major factors cause this: browser design inconsistencies, and browsing habits.

Lots of users don’t know the most efficient ways to use a mobile browser. They waste time by giving more attention towards menus and small buttons. But there’s one browser trick that a lot of users avoid: gestures.

Gestures make browsing fun and productive, and provides significant cognitive benefits. We’ll show you five mobile browsers that support gestures and ways you can use them to increase productivity.

Google Chrome: A Well-Balanced Browser With Support for Gestures

Sliding your finger horizontally across the address bar will switch the tabs.

Swipe down from the top-right corner in order to access the menu and then slide your finger to the menu option that you want to select.

Pull down the page with your finger and release it when you see the circular reload symbol.

Opera Touch

The heart of this app is the Fast Action button. Long pressing the button and sliding upwards will make the contents of the button expand. Different menus pop up depending on where you are in the app. If you are in the Home screen, you will see three buttons from the left to right, QR code, Search and Voice Search. In the page menu, it will be either the Tab menu and the Button menu.

The tab menu will contain three recently-closed tabs and a shortcut to tabs view. The Button menu will have five buttons: Reload, Close, Search, New Tab and Send to My Flow. The last option can be used to open a tab directly on the desktop.

Smooz Browser

After you have opened a few pages, you have the option of swiping left or right to browse pages.

In order to close a tab, all you need to do is swipe up.

Smooz also has additional gesture functions that you can set up. Click on More>Settings. Under the Gestures option, activate the Use gesture navigations option.

This has four navigation controls: Down Right, Down Left, Up Right and Up Left, each of these can be assigned a particular setting.

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Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser has a minimalist interface that allows basic patterns to help you move forward and backward, refreshing and similar. You can add gestures for particular websites by selecting the Settings icon and going to Gesture and Sonar. Type in the URL, click on the Add+ button, draw the gesture and then click on Done to save that particular gesture.

eCake Browser

Cake Browser combines search with gestures in a way that is quite unique. The first three sites in the search result are opened organically and as you keep swiping right, new pages will keep opening up.


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