Daily Horoscope Of August 3, 2018

Today's Predictions Aug 3, 2018

  • Aries

Take a leap in your professional and corporate world. Your confidence will soar high today as today most of your activities will be fruitful. You will be busy with matters of people and society in general. You may be involved or start some public initiative. Travel is on cards and it is good to organise a short trip with your family and loved ones.

  • Taurus

Your belief in yourself is your strength. It is a valuable time to address old grudges and move with a new initiative. You’re your opponents will respect your ability You need to spend time with your family and loved ones as your attention may be diverted from constant adulation receiving from opposite sex.

  • Gemini

Seek advice from elders and do some activities like meditate, yoga to channel your thoughts. Get time to thank Almighty and meditate. Your loved ones and your kids may be a source of joy today. Give some time to them and try to understand them sometimes.

  • Cancer

Your day will be full of uncertainties and it is not a bad state to be in. Challenges really can bring best out of you. Take time to reflect on your goals. You will be a mood to seek answers on life its purpose.

  • Leo

Start some new initiative. People may see as bold and strong. You will gain mileage on your job front with your persistent efforts and creative output. Your steadfastness in the past will reap the benefits now. Travel is on cards.

  • Virgo

The day is favourable in terms of relationships and overall prosperity. It is good as even your opponents will be wary of you. Use your diplomacy to win their hearts and use it for some constructive purpose. So, cheer up and be happy.

  • Libra

Go and take up challenges as you are on the path to success. Your political acumen will be respected, and people will look at you for direction. March on new initiative and success is just around the corner. Plan for greater things and ignore smaller hurdles that will be coming along the way today.

  • Scorpio

Loved ones will be more considerate and caring. You will enjoy mental bliss. Use your tact and intellect to win over your enemies and friends alike. Invest wisely. Do not speculate as it is not your natural strength. Just go with the flow.

  • Sagittarius

Asset creation or buying or selling is not favourable today. Try to be careful in the areas of investment and finance. Keep your focus on your finances and you will soon find, where there is a will there is a way. Time to relax and go out with your family for a nice dinner.

  • Capricorn

If you can bring yourself to listen to the advice of your family members or friends, things may start looking up. You need to be more grounded and try to be more diplomatic in dealing with people, especially with the opposite sex.

  • Aquarius

There is an opportunity for some financial gains. Think about how to maximise the opportunity. Focus on new ventures and new partnerships. Strengthen existing partnership and business relationship. Focus on the building. Hurdles come and goes.

  • Pisces

Your children are your source of joy. Sexual pleasures, romance and comforts and greed will be your emotive state. Focus on your loved and dear ones. Your mental balance and confidence are more important to tackle bigger problems.

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