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OMG! Donald Trump Doesn’t Know the Colours of American Flag ?

Donald Trump has been mocked for appearing to have coloured in the US flag incorrectly during a visit to a children’s hospital in Ohio. The US president was photographed adding a blue stripe to an outline of the star-spangled banner, rather than correctly filling in the 13 alternating red and white stripes, representing the original colonies.

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Alex Azar, the Secretary of US Department of Health and Human Services, tweeted photos of Trump with US First Lady Melania Trump at the hospital, colouring pictures including the US flag. Check out his tweet.

The fact that the POTUS apparently forgot what the American flag looks like left many on Twitter outraged. Check out some reactions:

it would have been easier for the president to look at the flag pin he was wearing on his own jacket to know the actual colours if he forgot about it.


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