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UAE plans to add new visa rules for Jobseekers

The UAE plans tougher rules on issuing visit and tourist visas because most of the residency law violators, who seek the ongoing visa amnesty, entered the country on such visas, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) announced on Monday.

Many of the residency violators were also involved in dangerous crimes, warranting stringent measures to prevent such people from entering the country, the officials told the media on Monday.

Most of the residency law violators who entered the country on visit or tourist visa were jobseekers. Therefore, the authority plans to introduce a three-to-six month-long visa for jobseekers.

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As part of the tougher rules, some pre-conditions, including a security deposit, may be introduced for issuing visit and jobseeker visa. The pre-conditions will ensure that such visitors go back after the expiry of their visas.

The authority is also planning to ask the foreign embassies to bear the costs of flight tickets for their citizens who overstay in the UAE because such people often do not have money for a ticket to go back home.

The authority warned that there would be regular inspection campaigns to identify residency law violators after October 31, the final day of the ongoing visa amnesty.


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