Side Low Ponytail With Pouf Hairstyle: Step By Step Tutorial

Try this easily stylish hairstyle

What You Need
• Curling rod
• Styling mousse for kids
• Teasing Comb
• Rattail comb
• Small bobby pins
• Fine Comb
• Hair elastic

How To Style

  • Use the rat tail comb to make an off centre partition.
  • Take a section from the front of the larger side and tease its back to create a little volume for the pouf.
  • Smoothen the surface of the section with the fine comb and secure the pouf to the scalp using small bobby pins.
  • Comb and gather all her hair at the base of the head on the larger side.
  • Tie the hair using a hair elastic.
  • Apply hair styling mousse onto the ends of the ponytail.
  • Take the curling rod and coil the edges – voila! The hairdo is ready!

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