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Signs To Know If You Are Happy With Your Partner

There is nothing more disheartening to a couple or a couples’ therapist than to hear one partner proclaim to love, but not be in love with, the other.

If you feel unsafe in your relationship, there can be many factors that make it difficult to ask for help. These can include fear of retaliatory violence, potential legal and financial consequences, and stigma.

In terms of fixing things, the biggest thing you can do when you feel like something’s not quite right in your relationship is talk to your partner and make sure you’re both on the same page.

Before that let’s check and if you spot any of these signs, it means that you’re in this for the long run.

  • You don’t stress when your partner is out with friends

Every individual needs some space. And couples should take some time away to socialise with friends. And it shouldn’t matter if your partner is away from you, you should be able to trust them to make the right choices. You shouldn’t feel the need to check on them every few minutes. If you’re comfortable with your partner’s choice of friends, his or circle and how he or she wishes to spend time away from you, you know that there’s nothing to worry about.

  • You don’t feel the need to snoop

Your partner’s phone, laptop and other devices are theirs and not yours for you to go snooping. So, if you are secure enough to know that there’s nothing going on, then you know you’re with the right person.

  • You support each other

This one goes without saying that as couples you need to support each other. But being in a secure relationship also means that you don’t depend on any support from your partner. Healthy couples understand that they are strong individuals, but having your partner’s support is just the icing on the cake.

  • You fight, but also resolve

‘Never sleep over a fight’ is a popular rule among couples. And a good one that makes a lot of sense. Every couple fights, but they also make up. You sit down, communicate, talk it out and come up with a solution together. That’s a sign of a healthy relationship.

  • You can still make each other laugh

You and your partner have such great chemistry that no matter where you are, you can crack each other up. You have many inside jokes; you can be goofy with each other and be vulnerable in front of each other.

  • Be yourself around them

You are comfortable in your skin, around your partner. You have nothing to hide and you know that you are not being judged for being who you are. These are the signs of a good, steady relationship.

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