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Effective Tips To Get Good Sleep During Festive Season

Carry your own pillow while travelling: If you are travelling to a relative’s place or a new place during the festive holidays, chances are that you may not feel comfortable sleeping on someone else’s bed or couch. Sometimes even be an inconvenient pillow can cause pain in the neck.

While you may not be able to do much about it, you can definitely avoid such circumstances by carrying your own height-adjustable memory foam pillow. These advanced technology pillows take the shape of your neck and align it perfectly with your spinal cord giving you restful sleep and helping you wake up fresh even in unfamiliar spaces.

Splurge on a high-quality sleep inducing mattress: After a tiring day of pandal hopping and meeting your friends and family, you may yearn for good sleep at the end of the day when you hit the bed. In that case, you must splurge on a well-designed, comfortable, and orthopaedic foam mattress that guarantees hours of blissful sleep.

Ditch the card games and enjoy the outdoors: Indian festivities are mostly about house parties and chilling with friends over drinks and food. While they are good for your tastebuds, they are detrimental to health and sleep, resulting in hung-over mornings and lazy days. Why spoil the festive season this way? Instead, plan outdoor events in the daylight, be it game sessions, outdoor sports or pool brunches, that will help keep your daily rhythm in sync and let you end the day with rejuvenating sleep.

Watch what you are eating and drinking: During festival season, you may be unable to control your temptation for sumptuous delicacies. The heavy food and the excuse of drinking at night with friends, impacts your sleep.

Follow basic sleep hygiene: Following basic sleep hygiene is imperative for good quality sleep. Focus on simple things like keeping your bedroom at a comfortable temperature, cutting exposure to bright lights a few hours before sleeping, keeping your hands and feet warm, and sleeping in a dark and silent room to induce sleep. These habits will ensure that external factors don’t disrupt your sleep at night.


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