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Google Shopping Launched in India, Should Amazon, Flipkart be Worried?

Techgiant Google is venturing into e commerce and they seem very well prepared for this. Google on Thursday unveiled ‘Google Shopping’ in India that will allow users to easily filter through offers, review prices from multiple retailers and find products that they are looking for.

Google isn’t launching an e-commerce portal of its own. Google Shopping builds on the company’s expertise as a search engine, simply allowing you to filter out everything else and give you specific information you need to buy a product online. You can further sort results by price and seller, and see images, pricing and a short description of every listing without an additional click.

Visit the Google Shopping home page from India and you will see a carousel of products that Google believes will be relevant to the user. Apart from currently trending products, you will see products from different categories, top deals, and more. Scroll down further and you will have the opportunity to browse categories like phones, clothing, books, watches, and more.

Visit the page of a specific product, and you will see prices from various online stores where this product is available. Google currently shows prices from online merchants, with plans to expand this to offline stores as well at a later stage.

Google Shopping results will also be available in English as well as Hindi.


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