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As Chief Minister Spoke regularly on menstruation, the word has gained social recognition says Saradakutty

Literary critique and educationist Saradakutty said that as Chief Minister Spoke regularly on menstruation, public’s idea that menses is impure has changed. Pinarayi Vijayan has come forward to speak on menses as the right-wing activists are protesting against the Supreme Court verdict on woman entry in Sabarimala. The right-wing activists claim that menstrual women are impure and it is customary that they are not allowed to enter the temple. But this thought has been changed. Now the word has gained social recognition. Now the society has earned courage to render that word and discuss that, she said. She was talking at a seminar conducted by the Kerala School Teachers Association(KSTA).

This is a great revolution. The knowledge that women have acquired are not taught in the classroom. They are self-taught. She added that she is embarrassed about the anti-socials who attack women on Sabarimala.

The teacher community should think of what kind of education and knowledge they have imparted to students. And must evaluate how the Kerala society has become so much an anti-woman. She also said that Hindutva forces are challenging our scientific knowledge.


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