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“Whats the Difference Between You and Islamic Terrorists” Sonu Nigam asks Sona

Singer Sonu Nigam has been grabbing a lot of attention recently and many of those occasions happen to be where he was involved in controversies. From his tweets referring to loudspeakers in the mosques to his recent Twitter spat with Sona Mohapatra, Sonu has constantly hit the headlines. A recent interview of Sonu Nigam with Headlines Today is now being noted for his comments against Sona Mohapatra. Sona had urged Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to deny Kailash Kher a chance to perform and this has invited some harsh words from Sonu.

“Which society allows the common man to decide someone’s quantum of punishment? Akhlaq ka murder (Dadri mob lynching of 2015) kyun hua? Because common man believed that he had beef and he was killed over it. That’s what happens if you allow the common man to start delivering judgments. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you shouldn’t raise your voice. You should accuse a person, no matter how big or small their stature. You have said Kailash Kher can’t do a show. Fair enough. But then you are writing letters to Arvind Kejriwal. Why is she doing that? Who gives her the right to decide that a singer cannot do a show? Then what’s the difference between you and Islamic terrorists? This is a kind of terrorism that you are deciding who works with whom”? he asked


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