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WATCH CUTE VIDEO: Baby Doesn’t Recognise her Father After He Shaves off his Beard

Beard is the trend now and if you are used to keeping one, suddenly shaving them off would completely change the looks of your face. As grown-ups people would still recognise you but may be a toddler would find it more difficult, even if the man is her father!

14-month-old Amelia Batiz had exactly the same trouble as she appeared not to recognise her own daddy – after he shaved off the beard he’d had for her entire life. Amelia’s dad Jeremy Batiz knew that his daughter was going to be shocked as he asked his wife SOfia to set the camera rolling as he walked out of the room. Amelia and Sofia herself was shocked.  Amelia appeared skeptical of the “strange new man” in her house. Watch the video here:

courtesy: video break

Sofia said Amelia kept ignoring her dad and ran over to other family members for most part.

“I didn’t know that he was going to shave it off that day either,” said Sofia, 36, a professional photographer who lives with Amelia, Jeremy and their son 11-year-old Adyan in Tucson, Arizona.

“It took about half a day before she realised that this strange new man was actually daddy,” she added.


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