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Amazon Faces Criticisms For Selling Doormats, Bath Mats with Islamic Religious Text

Muslim civil rights organization CAIR urged Amazon to take down doormats and bath mats on the site featuring Islamic religious text, arguing that the products “would be stopped-on or otherwise disrespected by customers.”

The online retailer subsequently removed the products, offered by a third-party seller, from its site.

“Amazon was not the problem. I’m sure Amazon was not aware of these things. They sell a lot of products and once we brought it to their attention, they were quite good about it. They have taken down the products that we have been able to identify,” said CAIR’s communications director, Ibrahim Hooper.

“The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today welcomed online retailer Amazon’s removal of a number of doormats, bath mats and other items, imprinted with Islamic calligraphy, references to the Prophet Muhammad and verses from the Quran, Islam’s holy text,” said CAIR in a statement issued on Friday.


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