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T G Mohandas thinks this is the reason why C.M Pinarayi Vijayan Withdrew From Aarppo Aarthavam

Aarppo Aarthavam- a programme to celebrate menstruation had stirred a row in public. It was announced initially that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will take part in it but later chose to not take part in it. The official reason cited for his absence is the alleged involvement of certain extreme outfits in the programme, but BJP intellectual cell head T G Mohandas has a different take on it. Here is a translation of his Twitter:

“It is not the presence of extremist groups that forced C.M to withdraw from the programme, but it is the picture which could be taken from the entrance of the stage. The trolls which may follow based on that. The characters which may feature in it. People who thought about it said,” Comrade please don’t take part in it, we won’t be able to handle it”.

The entrance of the Aarppo Aarthavam is designed in the shape of a vagina.


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